Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Custome Tattoos

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  • Customized promotional products available through TM include:
  • • Temporary Tattoos
  • • Scratch-and-Win Cards
  • • Pocket Calendars
  • • Tattootles Books
  • • Magic Paint Watercolor Books and Sheets
  • TM promotional products can be branded with a company’s logo, new product information, or business name. Characters from a movie or television program, for example, lend themselves perfectly to temporary tattoos that customers want to receive and share.
  • The industries served by TM promotional products include:
  • Health Care and Public Safety, including hospitals, medical offices, law enforcement agencies and fire and rescue departments.
  • Entertainment and Media, including movie theaters, movie and television production companies, recreational centers like bowling alleys, golf courses and theme parks,
  • Sports, Schools and Clubs, including school athletic and music department booster clubs, local sports teams, summer camps, carnivals and fundraising events.
  • Food and Beverage, including restaurants and nightclubs, food manufacturers, beverage companies, and grocery stores.
  • Nonprofits and Charities, including awareness organizations, research organizations, and community support groups.

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